Your Quality, Professional Drywall Contractor

Although many homeowners in Waukesha County, Milwaukee County and communities throughout southeastern Wisconsin choose Winters Remodeling Group to design, build and manage their entire custom home remodeling project, other customers choose us for only a part of their project such as hiring us for drywall and finishing services. At Winters, we have a team of experienced, skilled drywall professionals for hanging and finishing drywall.

Much like the rest of the remodeling industry there are large, expensive drywall firms and there are countless internet handymen who promise they can do drywall work. And while it is true that hanging and finishing drywall may look simple, having it look great when it’s finished and for years to come is a much different story. Expert drywall finishing is a highly skilled craft that takes many years to master, and at Winters we have talked to countless clients who paid for drywall finishing only to be disappointed with the end result because the work took weeks or months instead of days, or because it looked cheap and unprofessional.

It is also very challenging to blend textures on new drywall into existing walls, to finish patched areas so they do not look like patches, to have a consistent texture and finish throughout instead of seeing all the seams, or matching drywall texture to existing plaster in the house. Further, as is often the case with remodeling, homes have settled over the years and walls are often no longer straight or even. Quality drywall contractors know how to seamlessly blend drywall from wall to wall, room to room, and blend finished drywall with plaster walls throughout the house to give your home a consistent look and feel. And the Winters drywall team will give you the clean, beautiful and professionally finished look you want at a price your project can afford.

Whether you need an insured, quality drywall contractor to hang and finish your drywall, or simply handle the finishing and texture, or a team of professionals to hang, finish, texture and paint an entire room or home, the drywall experts at Winters will give you high quality work at an affordable price…and you’ll get the same level of pricing transparency, professional communication, workmanship, project management and site clean-up that all of our remodeling clients receive no matter the size of the project.