Looking for an updated bathroom?

In today’s designs, bathrooms are no longer simply about functionality and simplicity…today’s homeowners want style and comfort in addition to form, and the team at Winters Remodeling Group brings an experienced yet contemporary approach to large and small bathrooms to provide a more updated appeal, as well as master suite bathrooms that provide a more spa-like setting.

Custom-designed tile surrounds with glass shower doors and minimal curb approaches, dual shower heads, enhanced lighting options and a modern touch to vanity hardware and faucets are all common in today’s homes. Need more space? Removing a wall to combine existing closet space with the current bathroom footprint can make a huge difference. Think a custom-built vanity is out of your price range? Think again! With our network of local suppliers and craftsmen we will work with you to design a bathroom to your exacting specifications.

Much like kitchens, budgets for bathroom remodels can vary but are typically in the $15,000-$25,000 for a complete remodel, less for smaller or less intensive projects, and pricing for truly custom master bath renovations can run into the $30,000+ range depending on the overall scope and complexity. As with all of our projects, the process begins with a thorough, free initial consultation with one of our representative who will listen to your ideas and discuss the entire remodeling process as well as potential budget ranges depending on the project.